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So excited to share some tanning products with you! I’ve used all three and love them all in different ways. With the St. Tropez, I would definitely order a self tanner mit. This product is currently 50% off AND PPL IT NEVER GOES ON SALE! The color is great and it legit looks like you got a spray tan. It has a mousse texture so I would definitely buy the mit to use to spread it evenly on your skin. I would stay out of the shower for the same amount of time you would if you got a spray tan. I’m also obsessed with the Jergens full body tanning lotion & face lotion. I highly recommend these products because they can work as a daily mosturizer and self tanner. They are different than St. Tropez because they don’t provide immediate color. BUT I love them because they give you that natural glow in the fall, winter, and spring that everyone wants! I use these products twice a day and have been all winter. They work so well & are affordable. I highly recommend purchasing both products together. The face lotion is amazing... hope I was helpful!! Links below

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