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Hi! I'm Sarah

FIRST OFF... THANKS FOR VISITING MY BLOG! My name is Sarah Barsala (as of a month ago. ah!) and I have always been passionate about finding affordable options that are still on trend. Throughout my blog, you will find budget-friendly pieces that you will love! The best part is that I do all of the work- finding outfits for you that don't break your bank account.

I would love to get to know you, so here's a little about me! I'm a newlywed, teacher, and shop-a-holic. I grew up in a small town near Cincinnati, Ohio called Lebanon. I graduated from Miami University and became a Kindergarten teacher (love my cuties but YESS kids are crazy!! lol). During college, I was trying to save money for school, but I still loved to shop!! I soon discovered I could shop at places like T.J.Maxx, Amazon, Target, Forever 21, etc.. Ever since, I have been trying to spread the word! I hope to be helpful for people that love to shop for trends, but might not have the time to find the best deal. Let's do it, hotties!


xo Sar


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