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I love everything about weddings! From watching the groom watch the bride when she walks down the aisle, to celebrating with the bride and groom on the dancefloor, to obsessing over the bride’s accessories. There is so much that goes into a wedding, often times brides get overwhelmed. I know I did!!! I recently got married last July. I didn’t have a wedding planner. After the first month of planning, I realized I couldn't afford my dream wedding. I knew that I would have to save money when it came to the details and the small stuff. I started shopping at Target, Hobby Lobby, and the Dollar Tree for centerpiece décor and Amazon for everything else. I used to stalk Hobby Lobby for their 50% off florals, vases, and wedding décor deals. They ran their deals in an online newsletter every Sunday! Below, I am starting a special dedication on Sundays to all brides that are looking to get the best bang for their buck. Everything adds up... I get it girls! Let me help with the small stuff. Join me on Sundays to see a couple ways to save money on your big day!


HELLO BRIDES!!! I don’t know where you are in your planning process, but it took me forever to decide what I wanted all of my girls to get ready in! I knew I wanted to find something special for them and something that they would wear again. I decided on a pajama set! So versatile! I ended up finding a set I loved with amazing reviews. Butttt they were $80... and I had 9 bridesmaids... you do the math! I was determined to find great quality for my best girls and at an affordable price. I ended up finding a pajamas set I loved on amazon & it came in so many colors and prints. I ordered it and both the top and bottom were so comfortable! My bridesmaids loved them & still wear them today :) I chose black and white because those were my wedding colors. I think you can have a little fun with the colors & prints with the season you are getting married. I think the pink would be cute for a summer wedding... or the burgundy or navy for a fall wedding! I’m wearing a small & they are true to size. Linking both below!

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