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Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Sooo excited to talk about all things for the wedding table! After paying all of the vendors.. there wasn‘t much left in the budget for tableware and linens. My short vases were from the dollar tree & were perfect! Link below

As for napkins & linens, I did some more research and realized I could have bought them on amazon for close to what I paid to rent. I am sharing links below. pack of 288 (we had 250 guests):

side note- when you are shopping for venues, ask them if they provide linens. Some do, some don’t! It’s definitely an important question and could save you $300 or more. Mine didn’t at the time. All linens linked have great ratings and/or amazon choice items 🙌🏻

tablecloths for bistro tables (cocktail hour):

Let’s talk about my favorite table... the head table!! My head table was photographed the most! I used chargers for this table only. We also used the bridesmaids bouquets as centerpieces on my head table! It was beautiful!! I am linking my chargers below!

**my garland isn’t online! Here are some alternatives**

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