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Best Thing For Feeling Sick And Diarrhea

Start out with crackers or toast, since these are generally the best-tolerated foods. Avoid food that upsets your stomach, such as fatty, deep-fried, or spicy options. Rest: While you are sick, try to get some rest to prevent yourself from feeling run down. If you work, it is wise to call in sick so that you can give yourself a chance to recover. one of your family members have a fever, bloody diarrhea, severe stomach pain, are dehydrated, or feel very sick.

Your doctor may order a test that will show whether you are sick from Shigella bacteria. It is important to stay home from childcare and school while sick because Shigella germs spread easily from one person to another. Sightings: In an episode of television’s CSI (“Revenge Is Best Served Cold,” original air date 26 September 2002), a drink spiked in this fashion caused a death when the eye drops initiated.

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